• To offer parent support and development to all members of our community
  • To build links between the community and family
  • To act as a resource center for children and families in our community
  • To be a place for people to access technology
  • To create an environment where children and families feel valued.
  • To reinforce existing community resources that will strengthen and support children and families.


  • To offer parenting-related activities such as classes and speakers
  • To offer support to community agencies and groups as parents desire
  • To offer enrichment activities, either parent to child or parent to parent, such as computer courses or book discussion groups
  • To offer parent information nights featuring summer camp, vacation, or other information requested by parents
  • To compile a listing of local activities including the hours and addresses of Public Libraries
  • To provide information on local day care providers for children
  • To prepare information on local literacy programs
  • To be a clearinghouse for resources in the community
  • To promote and encourage community-driven activities
  • To strive to fulfill the needs of families